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We have arrived with issue #1 of Technically Magi!

Here begins Kai’s epic journey in a world of swords & sorcery. To any who’ve taken part in fantasy d20 role playing games you will be sure to recognize those game metrics in play throughout our series. Sharp eyes will know that spell, or maybe you’ve fallen prey to said beast. So how does a 12 year old boy react when in such horrid circumstances. Well, how do you think?

There are bigger plot points that lead out for a ways down the road. This is where those seeds are planted for unimaginable outcomes later. Technically Magi is a series for those than enjoyed the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or even the legendary tales of Drizzt. This is an epic fantasy adventure seen through new inexperienced eyes. We invite you to join us in a great adventure.

About The Series

TECHNICALLY MAGI (pronounced mey-jahy) is an ongoing comic book series that is a mixture of thrills, humor, intrigue, monsters, and mayhem all experienced from the view point of a 12 year old, way-in-over-his-head, technogeek. 1 part Robinson Crusoe, 1 part sci-fi, and a whole buttload of your favorite d20 role playing game (dragons, dungeons, barbarians, casters, clerics, liches, with the occasional mech).

Plot Outline

Kai comes from an advanced Utopian society. His family signs on with a scientific expedition to study a primitive world of magic. When catastrophe devastates their vessel Kai is separated from the rest of the crew. All aboard escape in life pods… all except Kai. With the aid of a loading dock robot Kai survives the ship’s impact to the surface. He’s rescued by an apprentice magi, and her odd mentor. Together they are Kai’s only hope of staying alive long enough for his parent’s return.

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Meet The Cast

Character Bio Kai

Kai Xander Terran Alliance

Kai: Well, that seems harmless enough.
Ask any geek, being the smartest one in the room doesn’t make you most popular. Add to that a genius father, as lead scientist in charge of our vessel’s study, and you can understand why the other kids are compelled to vent feelings of inadequacy my way. When dad said it was a challenge that I’d have to work through he didn’t expect me to employ my computer skills to hack a loader bot into becoming my bodyguard. Hey! Use the tools you got, I say. Still dad disagreed. Said I had to learn to fight my own battles. Do you know of any twelve-year-old that has combat training to take on 3-5 bullies at once? Yeah… me neither.
Character Bio L-derONE

L-derONE Terran Alliance

L-derOne: Anomaly detected…directives engaged
My pal, L-derONE. Doesn’t say much, but speaks volumes if anyone tries to mess with me. Back on our starship he was one of six hanger bay loader bots. They’re responsible for stocking and supplying goods to the crew, as well as minor repairs. Odd thing though, the more I poke through his programming the more capabilities I find. Seems like a lot of ’em are firewalled off or simply deactivated. For example his three sets of optical scanners. I suppose if you’re doing repairs infrared can come in handy.
Character Bio Skirnir

Skirnir of Nord

Skirnir: Wonders abound, all within reach if one only has the eyes to see.
Oh boy, this guy is a few LEDs short of a full array. Born out of a vicious barbarian horde Skirnir is the only pacifist barbarian I know of. The man may seem old and frail, but whoa! I’ve seen him move. He spends all his time using his mystic abilities either being all artsy and creative, or tutoring Zawa. As flaky as he is, I don’t think anyone knows more about magic than Skirnir. He knows so much he can examine the scene of spellery and tell you exactly the enchantment cast, when, and probably what they had for lunch! He’s this world’s first intuit incantator, a Sherlock of sorcery.
Character Bio Zawa

Zawa of Aradin

Zawa: This is menial baka! Why do I need to hunt my own food? We could have brought underlings for that!
You know those girls that act like they’re better than everyone else? Well, in Zawa’s village she is worshiped as a goddess. You see she’s one of the very rare people on Urth that are magi. The way I understand it her father knew the truth. That’s why he booted her out! Of course, not before he introduced her to his friend, and now her mentor, Skirnir. Sure the old guy knows some tricks she can learn. But she’s a goddess. She already knows what’s best. She just can’t understand why Skirnir wastes his time with a quirk like me. I’m not magi!

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